Virginia Public Schools: How Do They Rank Nationally?

Virginia public schools have been ranked among the best in the country, according to a recent study. The study used metrics to compare all states on two main dimensions: the safety and quality of public schools. Virginia was found to be the fourth best school system in the country, ranking fourth in quality and third in safety. The Commonwealth was one of two states that ranked in the top five in both categories, with Massachusetts the other.

Virginia scored 61.79 out of 100 possible points and ranked fourth in overall quality and fourth in safety. Virginia public schools also have the fourth highest math test scores in the country, as well as the fourth lowest bullying incidence rate. There are no significant deficiencies when evaluating their safety against violence, intimidation, harassment and substance use. Despite its high ranking, the Virginia Department of Education released a report about two months ago which found that school closures, lower standards and lack of transparency have contributed to a decline in student achievement over the past two years. Overall, Virginia public schools are among the best in the nation, with high rankings for both quality and safety.

The Commonwealth is one of two states that ranked in the top five for both categories, with Massachusetts being the other.