The Best State for Education in the US: A Comprehensive Analysis

As an education expert, I am often asked about the best state in the US for education. It's a question that many parents and students are curious about, especially when it comes to choosing the right schools. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing significant learning loss and a decline in test scores, the need for quality education has become even more crucial. That's where WalletHub's comprehensive analysis comes in. Unlike other research that focuses solely on academic outcomes or school funding, WalletHub takes a more holistic approach.

They consider various factors such as performance, funding, safety, class size, and instructor credentials to determine which school systems are the best performing in the country. To do this, they compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 32 key metrics. But what makes a state stand out when it comes to education? WalletHub looked at two key dimensions: “quality” and “safety.” These dimensions were evaluated using 32 relevant metrics, each rated on a 100-point scale. A score of 100 represents the highest quality of K-12 public education.