Oakton High School: The Highest Ranking High School in Virginia

Virginia is a state that offers a wealth of educational opportunities, and few are better than the high-quality education found in its strong school system. Ted, a former student of one of these schools, has been successful in speaking and writing about the high school experience, and what it can really be like. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts, such as drawing or writing, will be thrilled to have the opportunity to publish their work in The Symposium, an award-winning literary magazine exclusive to this school. Oakton High School is ranked number four in the state of Virginia according to US News, and it boasts an impressive 100% graduation rate. We chose this school because it has been selected as one of the best high schools in Virginia by major publications, and the sources for these rankings can be found at the end of this article.

Oakton High School is more than just the sixth highest ranking high school in Virginia; it's part of a home, where staff do their best to share their love with the community. This high school is proud of its community in Vienna, Virginia, and is dedicated to making this an even better place to start a family.