What Are the Fees for Public School in Virginia?

No school board in Virginia is allowed to impose fees or charges on any student unless authorized by a regulation of the Board of Education or the General Assembly. To ensure that economically disadvantaged students and those whose families are experiencing financial difficulties are not burdened, the policy provides for the reduction or exemption from paying fees. This includes, but is not limited to, families receiving unemployment benefits, public assistance, foster families caring for children in foster care, and homeless families. School divisions must notify students that a fee waiver can be requested and provide instructions on how to apply for the exemption each time a fee is charged.

The fee policy and fee schedule must be the same throughout the school division, although different rates may apply at the elementary, secondary and preparatory levels. Local school boards are not authorized to charge students fees for teaching materials, textbooks, or other materials that are not directly used by a public school student. School divisions may make available to students supplies, services or materials at a reasonable price. However, these regulations do not address the operation of school stores or fundraising activities when transactions are strictly voluntary.

As a condition of school enrollment, except for students who are not of school age or who do not reside within the jurisdiction, in accordance with Articles 22.1-1 and 22.1-3 of the Virginia Code and as provided in § 22.1-5 of the Virginia Code;.