What is the Average Tuition for Private Schools in California?

The Fairmont school is a great private school option in Orange County, California, and is one of the most affordable choices. This private school offers payment plans to make tuition more manageable. Private schools are often more selective, which can lead to higher academic performance and better scores on national exams. Harvard-Westlake is one of the top private high schools in California and is located in Los Angeles. Data from the state Department of Education shows that there are approximately 489,000 K-12 students enrolled in private schools in California.

Nueva School also has financial awards available to help cover tuition, fees, and travel expenses. Private schools typically have smaller class sizes, allowing for more individualized instruction and a closer bond between students. Fairmont has a long history of excellence and focuses on providing the best education for its students. The cost of tuition and other fees for elementary school is similar to that of high school, but travel rates may vary. Private school students tend to score higher on college preparation tests such as the ACT and SAT.

According to these numbers, California public schools cost nearly twice as much as the average California private school due to their more intensive programs and facilities. Private schools have a good reputation which can increase your child's chances of getting into a good college or even an Ivy League school. Financial aid awards and workshops are available to help make tuition more affordable. Elementary school is just as important as high school because it's the start of a child's educational journey.